Verizon Plans to Close Three Call Centers affecting up to 2,600 People


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

It appears that even companies that are raking in profits and doing very well right now are not immune to the belt-tightening measures of the current world-wide economic uncertainties. A report by ABC 13 and a later confirmation from Verizon shares that the telecommunications giant will be closing three different call centers in Texas, Michigan and Washington. This shuttering will impact about 2,600 workers. Verizon said in a statement that the closures are ”a very difficult but necessary business decision.”

The news isn't all doom and gloom however, at least as far as how Verizon looks at it. Apparently, all employees have been invited to relocate, and Verizon will pay employees who move to new centers $10,000 in after-tax dollars to relocate. Furthermore, workers who do not continue with the company will be provided with separation benefits.

Source: BGR


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May 5, 2010
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I wonder if they are offering them to relocate to India...


Oct 14, 2011
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They should really just close their outsourced call centers. The one I used to work at is outsourced. Basically the only difference is that its less controlled and less pay/benefits. There was a guy there who would literally just put customers on hold and then go hit on girls. I thought he'd be gone after he got caught putting his hand up a girls skirt, but she got fired soon after so the issue was dropped. He worked there a good year and a half before he quit because he went to jail for a while. I don't know if they're holding his job for him when he gets out, they're still understaffed by about 400 people so I imagine they'll hire him back. There's others like him there. I think its like the only call center that gives you just one drug test (unmonitored) during the life of your employment. Then others go and talk about drug abuse in the open.

That's right folks, the people at that center keep their jobs while other employees lost theirs. Sorry for the rant, but its true. I only read this article hoping that it was that center that was closed. But Verizon wouldn't have to issue a statement if it was them since its outsourced

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