Verizon Network Extender - FemtoCell - with EVDO??


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Jan 16, 2010
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Aurora, OH
I currently only have 1-2 bars on my Verizon Moto Droid while in my home office... even worse when I'm in the rest of the house. I'm considering to purchase a VNE (Verizon Network Extender).

But, while doing some pre-purchase research... I came across these articles:

CES: Samsung Verizon Network Extender EV-DO Prototype Shown |

Femtocell - FCC approves Verizon femtocell unit

This NEW device will feature 3G support, along with 8 concurrent cell phones (as opposed to the 4 phone support on the current model.)

Does anyone know if this has been commercially released yet - and where I can buy one?? Seems like FCC is satisfied, and it was featured at CES back in January 2010. Certainly it's got to be out by now, right??

OR - are there BETTER alternatives out there??

Thanks in advance for your help!!