Verizon Media Store Soup Nazi. No App For U!


Nov 24, 2009
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Phoenix, AZ
Okay, I know I can get apps from the Droid so it's a minor gripe, but every time I look at an app on the Verizon App store it tells me the app is not available for my phone and suggests I upgrade.

Excuse me? UPGRADE??!!?? To what? I thought the Moto Droid was the top of the line cream of the crop they don't GOT anything better phone.

The reason I want to check the apps out from the PC is simple.

As good as the Droid screen is, and it is impressive, it's not going to beat a 19" HDMI flatscreen (two, actually) for browsing. I figured I could read reviews, compare products, feed my Droid the data it craves and do it all from the comfy PC.

Does anybody know what website the Droid goes to for getting the list of apps and reviews that it does?