Verizon Customers in Denver Experience Rash of Phones Ordered Without their Knowledge


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

How would you feel if Verizon (or your carrier) sent you a bill for a new smartphone that you never ordered or received? Apparently, some folks in Denver have experienced this "nightmare scenario." Somehow customers in the Denver area are suddenly being charged the full cost of a new phone, an activation fee and around $150 per month for a data plan.

Right now the situation is under investigation, and it is unclear whether this is some form of identity theft or just some big system error on the part of Verizon. Big Red is currently claiming there was no data breach, so it leaves the situation still a mystery. What do you think is happening?

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I actually had something similar happen to me.. I called to check on an equipment charge and found that I'd supposedly ordered a phone.. So i asked when and where it was going to ship.. They couldn't give me any details.. But quickly "removed the charge".. This was early January /late December
I feel for the first few customers who called or went into the store to complain about their bill. Because one area about Verizon where they "don't want to hear it" is when it comes to the bill and their money.
Sounds like a new Verizon method to get rid of grandfathered accounts :p. Would be an interesting check to see if it just happened to be those people being sent new phones and plans.
Actually, I've always found Verizon to be more than helpful and above-board with their desire to help me out. But I also approach them in a very friendly manner and never get upset.

This sounds like a major glitch on their part, and I'm sure it'll be rectified soon. Probably a computer threw some code to the wind during their recent consolidations...
Y2K is at it again.
I agree with FBM...I've always had a really good experience as well. One of the reasons I've stuck with them for so long. (Well, on top of their great coverage of course)

S5 tap'n
I live just north of Denver and had received a call or two saying (a recording that sounds like Verizon's) I owed on my plan and need to make a payment. I hung up and call VZW which stated that my account was fine so they set me over to the fraud department to inform them.

I wonder if that has anything to do with what's going on. The number that called was a local Number.