Verizon blocking Google Voice all of a sudden?


Nov 6, 2009
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I've been trying to call out with google voice all day today. Both just hitting "call with google voice" and also by trying to call my google voice# and get out, However if I go to google voice website and click call using my cell it works. (I have both my google voice# and the forwarding # as friends and family, but I dont think that matters at all).

Every time I get "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, the number has been changed or disconnected...." whenever I click "Call using google voice" or calling my google voice # from my phone.

Is anyone else having this problem all of a sudden?

Hmm I ust tried calling my house # with my droid and google voice, went thru fine. But last week google voice didnt work, just kept going to voice mail. It has some glitches, I bet wait a few hours it will work.. or reinstall google voice on your phone too, i did that also if I remember right.
I had some issues last week and had a problem using the web callback method to make a long distance personal call from work on monday (took forever to get the call back, and would disconnect in one ring). I suspect google may be having some capacity issues (which also explains why invites have been hard to find lately)
Me too times two

I have a rooted Droid on BuglessBeast Froyo

and a co-worker has a rooted Droid on BuglessBeast Eclair

I tried to set him up with google voice and he got one test voicemail from me fine yesterday afternoon. I went to test it again this afternoon and there is no greeting, then a minute later it says "Verizon Wirelss, this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service"

I thought it was something I did to his phone BUT NOW MINE is NOT working either?

What gives Verizon?
I just tested out several Voice functions and everything is normal.