Using method other than google checkout to pay for apps


Nov 10, 2009
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Does anyone know if it will ever be possible to use something like paypal to purchase apps in the marketplace? I'm asking because my bank blocks any overseas transactions on my credit card and there is nothing I can do to have them allow overseas transactions they just don't allow it no matter what. So, I can't purchase apps like GDE or anything that is not in USD.
I usually overcome this by simply doing a bank transfer through paypal, which is allowed (no idea why a bank transfer is allowed and a credit purchase is not... same bank for both...).

Probably should have put this in the apps forum, I'm tired and didn't even think about it until after I posted. Sorry.
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They are working on having it be able to be "carrier" billed. As in you will be charged on your cell bill. Not sure when that will potentially go into effect as an option.
I would like to see a PAYPAL option... I trust it much more then putting in credit card info.....