USB Charging Drivers Problem


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Mar 16, 2010
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I've had no problem in the past installing drivers for my phone in the past from Motorola's website to get it to charge/use usb mass storage. My problem is now I am using a government laptop which has usb mass storage blocked for security purposes :icon_evil: (built into the OS, PITA). I am just trying to install the USB Charging drivers (not the mass storage drivers) so I can charge my phone from my laptop. Is there any special drivers I can install to just enable this feature? Thanks for the help.
I've never installed drivers just to charge, but I've also never had USB storage blocked either. Sorry I can't help, but I'll be watching to see if you get an answer.

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I'm wondering, should the phone naturally charge from the usb slot without needing to install drivers for it? I mean it should just see that there is a power source available and begin charging, like with a wall charger. I think it's most likely that my laptop is actively blocking the device from charging.