Upgrade to unlimited minutes for free?


Nov 11, 2009
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I was checking out the Google Voice service today, and there is an option (if you opted for the google voice "with google number" account) that allows you to place a call through a google number.

Now, with my 1400 minute family share plan, I am given free access to the "10 number list" which i can call without using my minutes.

On the google voice website there is an option to place a call. It says that google will call me, then connect me to the person I want to talk to.

Is it possible for me to add the google number that calls me to this unlimited list, allowing me to basically use google as a "middle man" and get free outgoing calls?

I'm about to go to sleep since I got to get up early tomorrow, but this seems like an interesting idea. Has anyone tried this that has the option to add certain numbers to an unlimited minute list?

My only concern is if the number that calls me to setup the call is a random google number. It wouldn't be useful if the number always changed, since there is a delay when adding numbers to the unlimited list.

I briefy looked over a guide a few minutes ago about a gismo5 + google voice combination that allowed free outgoing calls. It would be interesting if we found a way to do this on our mobile phones.

Honestly, I don't use anywhere near my monthly allowed minutes, but it would be really kool if I ran out of minutes but wanted to make an important call or talk to my friends.

None of this would be breaking any rules, as it uses legitimate services.

Anyway, its something to think about. Feel free to drop a reply and add your opinion on the matter, and give us any additional information on the topic that might be useful.
Yes but theres some steps you have to take. You have to add the google dial out number to your friends list on the plan (carefull if you roam, the number can change depending on where you are. You also have to go to your google voice page and in settings make your caller id always show the google voice number instead of caller id. If you do a search you can find more specific instructions.
that is a good idea. i'm looking for ways to get my bill price down, so i would like a good way to do this
If you have google voice its possible if your on the friends and family plan. Do a search here on the forums, someone posted step by step instructions.
Not trying to start a debate, however, do you think if this becomes the norm for people that Verizon will get rid of Friends and Family and/or disable the ability to use Google Voice?
That reminds me of the song by three days grace - "riot"... Cause there is going to be one if verizon does that.
He has a point though. I honestly think that weather or not this topic exists will not have much effect. With the internet you could still find other places for info if you wanted to learn how to do it.
This is rather easy... download the Google Voice app. You can select to always or prompt to use your GV to call out. (You may, but don't have to use your regular # for M2M calls.)
Then just make note of the "access" number that calls out. You'll want to put both your chosen GV # and your access # in your F&F, so that way you can catch the free calls coming and going!

VZW is NOT doing away with F&F anytime in the foreseeable future.
I'm new to Verizon... Is there a "Free Incoming Calling" option? If so, you can use Google Voice to set up a call, where it calls your number, and puts the call through for you... Really handy if you have free incoming calling. I've got an account setup with Sipgate that's free for incoming calls, also gives me free VOIP on my home PC, using GV.
Not trying to start a debate, however, do you think if this becomes the norm for people that Verizon will get rid of Friends and Family and/or disable the ability to use Google Voice?

I suspect it will be a LOOOOONG time before this can even possibly become "commonplace" enough for Verizon to worry about. Hell, look around this forum and read some of the questions asked... and these are from people sophisticated enough to join a forum and ask questions (which is a nominal percentage of the population). By the time John Q Public figures this out, the game will have already changed... again.
Also, to comment on whether this will "become the norm", I believe this is the future of calling. I've got a feeling we will move away from the minutes system, and go strictly data. It's the only thing that makes sense.