Two Issues With 2.2


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May 2, 2010
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I am having two issues since updating to 2.2 on my Motorola Droid. The first is with the XM app. It seems to be on an endless loop when listening to a station meaning you hear the same part of a song over and over. I have looked further and that one does appear to be an issue with that app at this time.

My second issue and this does not seem to be with a specific app. My playlists for my music are still there but when I select one it shows as empty. All of my music is still there but the playlists are showing empty. I have btunes, the standard music app and Mixzing. It does this on all three apps. How can I fix this without having to recreate the playlists as I did it from the phone. When I would add songs, I would make a playlist from the recently added.

If I can fix it by removing the playlists and then copying the info for the playlist into a new one, where are the playlists located?

Thanks in advance for the help.