Two Clock Apps and double notifications can't be dismissed


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Dec 4, 2009
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Immediately after the V2.2 upgrade, I find two "Clock" apps in the app folder. When you run one clock app has the text "%2$29 %3$29 - %7$29 %8$29, %9$29" appears just below the current time, whereas the other clock app has "Wednesday, September 1" under the current time. Both clocks have identical alarms set. Unfortunately when an alarm time happens, both apps try to put up notifications. Sometimes when that happens, I can dismiss both notifications and the alarm stops. However, most of the time, especially if I don't immediately dismiss the notifications, the notifications seem to dismiss each other, or something. The result is that there is no notification button for me to press and the alarm sound continues indefinitely and the only way I can turn it off is to power off the phone. Obviously a pain in the butt. HELP! I try to "drag" the bad clock app to the the trash can but it does not disappear. Any one else have this problem? Any suggestions? Can I completely erase both clock apps? If so, can I get it back? I like the clock and the fact that it displays the weather....
What's the model of your phone? X? D1? D2, Incredible, other? Are you rooted? If so what rom are you using? Or was this the OTA 2.2?
What's the model of your phone? X? D1? D2, Incredible, other? Are you rooted? If so what rom are you using? Or was this the OTA 2.2?
The original Verizon/Motorola Droid - I guess that makes it a D1?
Not rooted.
The OTA 2.2 - this problem started after the first 2.2 update (there was a second a few days ago and the problem persists)
The versions are:

  • Model number: Droid
  • Android version: 2.2
  • Baseband version: C_01.43.01P
  • Kernal Version: android-build@apa26 #1
  • Build number: FRG22D
Is that all the information needed?
Thanks for your interest in solving my problem.
By the way, several power off/on did not fix the problem...
Did you ever install a Clock app manually? Back when the Droid got 2.1 some were disappointed the Droid did not get the new Clock app that other phones got in 2.1. Someone eventually posted the Clock app apk and many, including myself, installed it. When I upgraded to 2.2 I also ended up with two Clock apps. Even though they looked the same when I went into Manage Applications I was able to uninstall the manually install one, but of course not the stock installed one. That got rid of my dupe. Long story short, if that is possible at this point, go to Manage Applications. If Clock appears on the opening tab uninstall it and you will be down to just the stock one. Good Luck!
Thanks LifeIsABeach!

I think that is exactly what happened and you are right with Manage Apps I fixed the problem. Thanks a million!