trying to force 2.0.1 to 2.1 unsuccessful


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Jun 28, 2010
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I was previously rooted and wanted to return to stock for the time being. I reflashed to 2.0.1 using RSD Lite. The phone works fine with 2.0.1 installed. I am trying to force the 2.1 update using the instructions here.

Every time I boot into recovery (stock recovery not SPrecovery) and go to apply the, it gives an error that it can't read the sd card. The card works perfectly from within Android, I can view files with Astro and I can mount it on my PC. I have tried reformatting the card repeatedly. I've flashed dozens of ROMs over the past few weeks, so I am familiar with the process. Just not sure what's going on here that's not letting me flash the 2.1 ROM.

The file is in the root of my sd card an is named, not or anything like that. Everything I've done on my end is exactly as it should be. I've followed this process probably 5-6 times over the past week with no problems, but for some reason its giving me a problem this time. I've been at it since last night with no success.