Trouble with Market Re-downloading App


Nov 30, 2009
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I purchased an App (GDE home), then uninstalled it and received a refund. Now I want to buy the App again, but nothing is working. I am aware the 2nd time is a non-refundable purchase, that's fine. But trying to purchase this App again keeps declining all the cards I try to use, giving me "unsuccessful downloads" and errors when trying to install on my phone. I can still purchase other Apps fine, so I know it's not my cards, but my google checkout account online keeps saying the order is on hold because my cards aren't working either from insufficient funds or fraud protection, but my bank says my cards are fine. And on my phone, it says the app is purchased, but will not let me download. It either gives me unsuccessful download or says "authorizing" forever without ever downloading. I've canceled and reordered the app about 10 times, same thing every time. How can I get around this and re-download this App? Thanks

Edit: Also, i've emailed google, emailed the developer, posted on howard forums, and posted on the android marketplace help forums and cannot get a response from anyone....