Trouble with Droid X and Plantronics bluetooth headset


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Aug 6, 2010
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I have a beautiful new Droid X and purchased a Plantronics V Pro headset to go with it. (I googled right and left but can't find a reference to others with this problem -- doesn't mean I didn't google hard enough...)

The phone and the headset will pair and connect the first time around, but subsequently, the headset shows up as paired but won't connect. The only way I can get it to reconnect is to unpair and start again.

So I went back to the Verizon store and we tried the headset on various Droids (an X and a Droid) but had the same problem. Gave the headset to an employee with a (gasp!) Blackberry, and she could connect multiple times w/o problem.

So we tried on a number of different Motorola Droids on display and owned by employees, but no luck getting it to reconnect after powering off the headset.

I've seen some forums where folks are happy w/their Droid X/Plantronics Pro V headsets but none where this problem is discussed (so either they aren't having the problem or haven't noticed it yet(?))

I thought I'd check with you b4 going for a different wireless headset, because it seems strange to me that 1) I was able to reproduce the problem on all Moto Droids I tried and 2) that I couldn't find a reference to this problem in the ether.

Thanks for your help!
Got my answer: will pass it on to Verizon techs!

The techs and sales people in the Verizon store were trying to connect by putting the headset in pairing mode rather than just turning it on (probably just being aggressive pressing that power button!).

This headset works just fine.

Love my Droid X.
similar problem

i have a new droid x and a plantronics voyager headset. gee, it worked fine with my iphone but with the droid x it loses connection regularly and while connected and on a call, speech becomes garboled or non-existant for 5 - 10 seconds at a time. just don't think its the headset. think it's motorola software.

anybody have any ideas? or a solution?
Make the call...


I got my answer by calling Plantronics tech support. It was not hard to get in touch with them, they were friendly and helpful and I got my answer in mere minutes.

Plan B was to call Motorola tech support if I couldn't get the answer from Plantronics, and Plan C was to pester Verizon.

Sometimes you just have to ask for directions....
So what was it then?

So you replied and said call tech support? I am having the same issue, how about letting us in on the answer?:icon_ banana:


Oddly enough turning off wifi seems to allow the blue tooth to stay connected. Now if only that made sense...
They both run in the 2.4GHz frequency range. If the WiFi had any bleedover into the Bluetooth frequency subset (or the headset broadcast/received outside its designated range) there could be issues.
So now what? :)

Any ideas on fixing? Change wireless channels?
You could try -- put it at one extreme than the other (channel 1/11 or whatever is the highest, can't remember at the moment) and see if it helps. I don't know, though. Your microwave is a 2.4GHz emitter as well, so if you walk by it while it's running and your headset goes haywire you know the headset's antenna isn't that hot.

OK thanks for the reply. it is a voyager pro so i would think it would be a decent antennae. I still find it odd that itll work fine on his PC, even if it is on wifi.
Well, another possibility is the fact that the Droid X might have a chip capable of doing the European/Asian WiFi channels -- up to channel 14, IIRC. If Bluetooth and, say, channel 14 overlap...

Been a while since I dug around in the frequency specs. I may need a refresher. :)