Tower Locations and distance


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Dec 3, 2009
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Lower Delaware
OK.....I have a question for the masses here. I have found a website TowerCo that will tell you all the towers near you, how tall they are, who owns them and many stats that i don't fully understand. What I would like to know is...what is the range of the cell towers? Is it 5 miles, 10 miles? I am trying to judge what tower I am connecting to and trying to get a pattern to the way VZW is turning on the 4G service.

My home and work has been on the fringe of 4G for quite some time. Just a month ago it was 7 miles north of me, 3 miles west, 14 miles south and 9 miles east. Since then It has crept closer....2 miles north, 1/2 mile west, 14 miles south, 9 miles east. Just last night I went 4G at my home and work so I was wondering what tower I am working off of.