Touchscreen acting crazy


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Mar 22, 2010
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Got my phone back in December and everything was working correctly. Been rooting my phone since the beginning of UD and everything ran great. But after i ran UD NEW Era 1.3.5 (i think) my screen started to flip out.

The Touch Screen seems to be way less sensitive now. I have to touch the icons multiple times before i can get them to work. I figured it was just the Software and i updated to 1.4.5 than onto 1.5.0. I thought it would fix it but it did not. My screen still flips out and does crazy stuff. I have read that it people have had their phones flip out and call people or read emails. My phone is not quite there yet but i feel its about to get that way. I have read a few people using cheap chargers, i am still using the original charger, everything i am using came with the phone i have no tried to use any 3rd party devices.
I did the 2.0.1 Swf thing and after about 5 mins of messing with the phone it starts to mess up. either the notification bar when i slide it down it'll go up and down my screen really fast. like its twitching. or the touch screen won't respond and i have to touch it a few times.

1. I am wondering is it possible for the touchscreen to fail? (I never dropped it and i treated the phone like my baby.)

2. If i flash back to the 2.0.1 Swf and have it update to whatever the offical firmware is on right now, will Verizon look and it?? And fix/replace if need be?

NEVERMIND PROBLEM SOLVED. IT was the battery. Plus verizon is gonna send me a new one.
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