top 10 droid apps


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Nov 16, 2009
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so i started a little blog to put all my droid experiences and tips on and just ran through a quick top 10 list of apps...

first 3:

1. twidroid - this is a no brainer. if yer a tech saavy machine like i am and have multiple blogs, then you need to have twitter. so far this seems to be the best twitter app for the droid and is free. there is an upgraded version out there which costs money, but i have yet to see a reason to do so.

2. google places directory - without a workable yelp application available, we checked out google places directory and it seems to work great. it knows where you are, lists a ton of places around you and until yelp arrives, can't be beat.

3. meebo im - solid im application that works with all of your im logins. you can have everything from facebook to gtalk to yahoo to msn messenger all working at the same time. too easy.

rest of the list:
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