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Jul 19, 2010
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I have a detailed toDo list as part of my AOL mail account. I posted another thread indicating I was looking for what might be an official AOL mail app, or something close to it, giving me access to that toDo list that is associated with my account. I am posting a different thread because I don't think I'll be able to find that all encompassing in an email app, so my question is what are some good toDo list apps out there?

Or if someone knows any way to sync my toDo list on AOL to my phone that'd be great.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Anyone out there with any suggestions? I came across the Taskos app which seems to be pretty decent. It's nice and simple. Obviously with that being said, nothing I can use to sync my AOL mail toDo list. Any other suggestions anybody has came across regarding toDo lists? Thanks in advance.
I use Notes by Yuli. It's simple and effective for my needs... your needs may be different. Notes has checklist functionality, backup/export, encryption, reminders, etc. There must be 20+ apps on the Market that do the same thing...
I'll check that out, thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, there are many more apps that even I didn't come across out there that are similar I'm sure. There are so many that I am sure are way too "busy", and you said this one is pretty simple. I don't think a toDo list needs to be "busy" per se...but still would be good to have a few options or functions to help with some of the management of it. Sounds like we might have a winner. I'll try it out. Thanks!
Exactly... I just need a simple notepad with backup/restore and checklist functionality.

Most of the Droid'ers I've seen are using either ColorNote or AK Notepad. I don't need color and post-its and AK Notepad really gave my Droid problems.
I use MyTasks. It is free, it backs up and restores to the SD card, and it meets my needs.

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If you're looking for ToDo list in general (not AOL), I like Astrid. It doesn't yet sync with the tasks from Gmail directly yet, but will in the next version (if you pay for it can sync to Google indirectly). I'm not fond of its widget, though, so I use the "Agenda Widget" which will display Google Calendar and Astrid Tasks together in one widget. You can tone it down, but one of the nice things about Astrid is it has the ability to be a pain and bug you about overdue tasks and getting them done via notifications and even e-mails.
I'll check those out, thanks for the suggestions. I DL'd into my AppBrain wishlist these and a number of other ones. I'll be sure to update on what works best for me so that others may use it is as a suggestion too.
+1 for astrid. Very simple and easy to use with lots of options. Works great for me. Looking forward to the Google syncing, no idea it was going to be implemented.
Thanks for the suggestions. I tried out nearly a dozen of them. I left Springpad and Taskos on my phone. They seem to work nicely for what I need.

Taskos being a simple toDo list app, very simple.

Springpad attending to any sync needs I might have so I can add stuff while I'm on the computer, or obviously the other way around. The site/app is a little busy, but I'm personally finding it more user friendly than

Thanks again for all the suggestions, it really helped. Hopefully someone else can benefit from this discussion.