Titanium Backup Question - Call Log


Mar 22, 2010
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I restored a ROM that was pretty old, so I could mess things up and it wouldn't matter, but I'm only wanting to figure out how to do a few things with Titanium.

- Restore SMS & MMS (Figured this one out)
- Restore Call Log (still can't get this)

To restore SMS & MMS you have to restore two settings: (HAS TO BE BOTH)
-- [VOICEMAIL] Dialer 2.2
-- [SMS/MMS/APN] Dialer Storage 2.2

I backed up every green setting and anything to do with Phone, etc... and I still can't figure out how to use Titanium to restore the Call Log. After sitting here for over an hour I cry "Uncle".

I know it's probably going to be something easy and right under my nose, but could anyone help me and let me know what has to be backed up/restored to restore the call log with Titanium Backup?


EDIT: Update: Fixed- I was backing up/restoring the right things, just have to reboot phone after restore.
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