This is nearly the droid I've been looking for


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Nov 19, 2009
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Felton Ca
I got my new droid about two weeks ago and am very happy with it. I got my first Palm Pilot in 1995, and this is the first non-palm pda I've owned, as I've been able to sync palms with jpilot, and nothing else would sync with my linux boxen.

I've had a usual assortment of glitches and annoyances, but the current mystery is why it will sometimes charge, and sometimes not charge. My iGo will almost always get it to charge. I have a couple of different micro usb cables, and they will sometimes work in some usb slots, and sometimes not. Occasionally, powering the droid off, pulling the battery and restarting it, will get it to charge in the car, when it didn't before.

One thing that I'm waiting for is a "humpback battery" for it. An extra large battery with a bulgy battery cover to double or triple battery life, though I suppose I may be better off just getting a couple of spare batteries.