This is boggling to me....major text problem


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Jul 30, 2010
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Boston area
I received my X almost 2 weeks ago. Last Thursday morning the phone froze up on me so it powered it off, when I turned the phone back on it automatically sent out texts to the last 9 or 10 people I texted repeating the messages that I had sent them, some with 3 or more conversations in them. This happened at 4:30am so I was little bit upset that I may have woken alot of people up by this happening!

This brings me to today. This afternoon I decided to power off and on the X again and again the same thing happened in that it sent out numerous texts to the last 10 people that I had text messaged! This is completely unacceptable!

I don't know if it might have something to with my installing of the app SMS-Pop up or what may be causing this bug but if anyone else has had this happen or knows of a solution it would be great to hear.