[Theme port] Flavored Ice Dark Cherry


Apr 25, 2010
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Maryland :P
Right now im porting The Dark cherry theme from because i think this is a pretty awesome theme so i decided to port it now this is my first theme port ever so don`t shoot me down I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT! for this theme all Credit goes to jairomeo and To the Sapphire team for making an awesome rom also credit for carlz28 for porting red rum with i used for the base keep up the good work guys ill upload it tonight and have some screen shots up soon so here goes nothing dancedroiddancedroiddancedroid

Location for original theme: Flavored Ice jairomeo

here it is :D this is 0.1 http://www.mediafire.com/?xxga0tmcfagwi5s
this is for both Sbf and clockwork thanks to reaper keeper for showing me it works with sbf
And here is the wallpaper its the Droid 2 live wallaper so just install it thought any file manager like astro


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hope you talked to Jairomeo first!!!
ya i talked to him on twitter he said it was ok

cool deal!!! in that case Job well Done!! let me watch the feedback on this and Ill move it up to the Sticky Post!! again Job well done on your first port!!!
I was just getting used to incognito...guess I'll be changing again
Would you mind posting the wallpaper? Thanks in advance.

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Seems to have worked just fine, this is what I did.
I am using SPrecovery
Flashed my sapphire 1.0 stock back up
Using astro, change the file name from darkcherry.zip to update.zip on the root of the SD card.
Re-boot into recovery
choose install/ allow update.zip installation then install/SDcard/update.zip
Reboot- Done

Nice !!!
I love Dark Cherry...any chance of getting the phone dialer pad red too?
Surely I'm not the only one looking for the phone dialer pad to be red...am I?