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Nov 12, 2009
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My wife works at VZW -last night she was able to bring a test DROID home to play with. It didnt have phone & internet activated, so she was unable to use the Google Nav on the way home. :(

But once she got home, I connected it to my WiFi, created a bogus gmail account(Not going to use my own on a test device) 1st thing I did is install Google Sky Map and step outside. That's cool! :icon_ banana:

Played with the YouTube app - HD video looks totally awsome, and that speaker is loud. Search was kinda difficult, searched for artists and their songs to watch music videos and ended up watching crappy kareoke half the time :icon_evil:

Web browsing was nice, tho getting to zoom in is a pain sometimes, they have to get that multi touch pinch zoom ported over. Sometimes I wanted to zoom in and I clicked a link. There might be a trick, and the few hours I got to play, maybe I didnt figure that trick out.:icon_eek:

The slide out QWERTY keyboard is functional and I think in time I can use with few errors. But last night, it was like I was typing drunk. The portrait onscreen keyboard is nice, was able to type pretty well. Wish I could fingure out where to turn on haptic feedback on that.:motdroidhoriz:

VOICE SEARCH is very accurate, pretty nice for websites.:reddroid:

I dont think Verizon and Motorola could have found a more unflattering background screen. If the device was mine it would be the 1st thing changed. The device is fast and the screen with it's resoultion is amazing. Shame the test Droid didnt have ph & internet activated, would have loved to have given an excuse to drive to the conveniance store :p

Cant's wait to get mine :motdroidvert:


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Nov 11, 2009
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Haha,seems like you already know what your next phone is gonna be.

It really is a great phone. It does what you want it to and beyond. Especially the GPS, I am amazed, I use it even though i know where im going just to look at street views.

The phone is simply amazing.