The queasiness is gone … well almost


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Jun 19, 2010
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The queasiness is gone … well almost.

I’ve been a long time bb user and hadn’t realized how much of an appendage it had become! I’ve recently been frustrated with awful bb web browsing capability and that the BES allowed my company to impose its internet use policy on my bb. Yep, even YouTube is blocked. So, in a moment of sheer frustration I spontaneously switched to the Droid … No research … just made the switch.

Day 1, total disappointment. I’m going to throw up. What have I done???? Yes the phone and apps are cool, really cool. But, for the business user I thought it was the worst decision I could have made. The stock email client/app is awful and lacks basic functionality … like forwarding and email with an attachment.

Day 2, Wow there are a ton of apps! I started to find some to address my issues. But I still am completely frustrated with email. Did I mention that the phone is cool. And, I bought one for my husband too. LG Envy to the Droid. As luck would have it he had a freak car breakdown on the way to the Cubs game and was able to find a tow truck and service station and buy an Amtrak ticket back to WI. That was awesome.

Day 3, Found this forum. What a huge help!

Day 4, testing K9, RoadSync and TouchDown all at the same time … almost there.

Day 5 purchased TouchDown. Oh yah, pretty big improvement and the simple pleasure of folders and signature line.

Day 7, Not so queasy anymore!!! Yahoo.

I really like this phone … maybe even love this phone! And that is allowing me to overlook some pretty big issues (like limited copy/past functionality, no imbedded spell check and an email app that doesn’t have clumsy forwarding … especially with attachments) that 1 week ago I would have said were deal breakers.

I’ll keep hunting to find my fixes, thanks to this Forum. I appreciate the help!


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Nov 1, 2009
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Glad to see your experience changing for the best. While Droid does lack some basic functions in the OS, there are TONS of apps which will offer solutions.

Android isn't so -out of the box- ready... but instead, allows you to customize your device to your tailored needs.

Keep enjoying, don't be afraid to ask questions..... and happy Droidin'!