The Kindle Fire HD Already Accounts for 11% if Kindle Fire Web Traffic


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Dec 30, 2010
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It seems that the Kindle Fire HD seems to be doing really well since its launch. According to the ad analytics from Chitika Insights, the new tablet already accounts for 11% of all web traffic for Kindle Fire devices. This is the closest thing to a sales number release that we have received from Amazon.

They have been very tight-lipped about how many Kindle Fire HD tablets have already shipped. Keep in mind that the above study was performed September 14 and September 18, which is a small window of time, yet actually speaks volumes about the adoption rate of the new tablet. These numbers actually suggest that the new Kindle Fire HD is starting out even stronger than the first Kindle Fire. Of course, this time, the new Amazon product has much stiffer competition from the Nexus 7. We will have to wait until the holidays to see how much of an impact that competition makes on the sales figures of Amazon's tablet lineup.

Source: Kindle-FireForum via Phandroid