The First Senseless Rom for the HTC Droid DNA is here!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer "MyComputerDoctor" has been a busy guy lately working on many Roms for many devices. His latest Rom to drop is the Genome Rom for the HTC Droid DNA. This will be the very first Senseless Rom for this Super device! The Genome project will eventually morph into greatness, but for now it is in its Beta phase. Still the Rom is functioning at 99%, not bad. The rom has been stripped of Sense and all HTC related files further increasing the speed of this already very fluid device. The Rom is Rooted and Deodexed, it includes the Apex Launcher, Stock Android lockscreen, the removal of the pesky wifi notification, and more.


Custom modifications include a transparent status bar, added htc flashlight, accurate battery percentage, custom boot animation, stock wallpaper, and more. The only bugs include a flaky 4g icon (even though the Rom does maintain a data connection), the boot animation runs short on first boot, bluetooth is also flaky. Other than that this Rom is pretty solid to be a Beta release.

Grab the Rom here and discuss