Texting Issues


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Mar 29, 2010
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Hey everyone,

I'm having some weird issues with my texting. I currently have a fairly long delay of when I get texts (sometimes as long as 8 hours) and they always come in a batch. I got 3 texts from 3 different people at the exact same moment, one of which I sent myself from another phone and it took hours to receive.

I'm currently running the latest jrummy 2.2 from source code, but first noticed the problem on the latest New Era (1.5). I've also tried going back to Kangorade 1.1 using a backup and not updating any apps.

I'm also connected to a network extender by verizon but I have never had problems with it in the past. I notice the problem regardless of if I'm connected to the wifi or not. My texting app is Handcent.

If there is any more information you need or have any suggestions its all appreciated. Thanks for your time