texting going through to friends phone multiple times!


Nov 7, 2009
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I texted a friend twice today. in the morning, she said she received it twice. This afternoon, I sent her a text and she said I sent it 3 times.

anyone experience anything like this? seems like problem is coming from my end?
Let me guess, its a tmobile number.. i have friends with a tmobile account and sometimes i get 2 of the same messages or they get 2 of the same messages from me..
Not sure this is Droid related, as I have had similar reports from non-Vz friends when texting from my EnV in the past couple of months. Both times a power cycle of the phone corrected the problem. Also had 2 other friends with Verizon phones get similar reports from their non-Vz text recipients.
Being a former insider with Cingular, then ATT, I can say that this happens on their network quite a bit. ..I won't go into detail but I'll just say there is room for improvement there...
i currently have a samsung glyde and my friends say they receive 2 or 3 of my messages sometimes so i doubt its the droid
I've had this issue as well, but it was with my wifes phone, which is not a droid. So it was more of a VZ issue.
Haven't had it happen to me yet, but it could be due to server lag?