Text Message Memory Full - Really Annoying! please help :]


May 5, 2010
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I keep getting the "Text message memory full" alert, and it is really annoying.

I cleared all my text messages, and even rebooted my phone, and it is STILL giving me that error, and I'm not receiving any of my texts at all. Every 2 minutes it says it and pops up.

Also, I have the "Low on space" sitting in my notifications bar as well.

I just install Froyo earlier today with a kernel to overclock, and it was running great up until now.

My Memory is as follows:

SD Card:

Total space
14.83 GB

Available space
11.50 GB

Internal phone storage

Available space

Please help me resolve this issue! It's REALLY annoying, I'm sure most of you have been in my boat before. -_-
Install SMS Backup & Restore from the market. Make a backup of your text messages and then choose the option to delete your text messages.

See if that clears it up. If it doesn't, you may have to do a factory reset to clear things out.

Do you have your messages set up to auto-delete when a certain limit is reached? 24 mb seems like a lot to have left to give low memory message. Also,How many apps do you have installed? You can try moving some of them to the sdcard now that you have froyo installed.
Also,If you always had alot of internal space before froyo you might want to go into /system/app or /data/app from your root folder and check that there is no duplicate apps in there as they could easily fill your internal memory.
Okay, I rebooted my phone again, and it worked.

But I want to know a plausible solution if this were to happen again. I installed the apps that I could to my SD card, which is only 2-4 of them, not much so it didnt clear that much memory.

And as for my apps, if I were to ballpark it right now off the top of my head, probably 50-60, if that.
I have the Droid Incredible and rooted with 2.2 and I just started getting the "low on space" error, even though I have 25mb free for apps and use no social apps or heavy text message cache.

I bailed early from 2.1 to get away from tis error and it has followed me.
i had the same thing. when i checked my app data i saw that my pandora was using up like 145mb... so i cleared app data and did this to all the apps except my browser and nav... cleared up and now i have about 170mb free.