text media display


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Apr 5, 2010
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why is it that when I get a text message that has a picture or a video clip with text below it... My Droid displays the pic or video first then the text. As well I have no way to replay without going back to the message and hitting the play button again. The pic or video and the text is played for such a short time it is impossible to see them. On my touch when the same message is sent to me, I can view it the way it was sent. Why wont my Droid show these messages correctly? Some of the messages are messages with an animation. These messages display in the same manner. The animation is showed first then the text and that's it. Most of the time the display of the animation and the text goes by so fast I have no idea what I just looked at. Can anybody tell me how I can get my droid to show these messages correctly?