Tethering vs USB Modem


Nov 9, 2009
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Anyone know if tethering via the droid gives you the same speeds as using a USB modem from vzw?
I have no real figures to give you, but I wirelessly tethered my droid last night, and then had my wife use the computer for general browsing. She didn't notice any difference vs the Comcast/wireless router we have set up. Now I admit she didn't do anything graphically intensive like videos. Downloading files are definitely slower, but for general browsing and forum reading, it works quite well.
can you "legally" tether?
You can't "legally" tether but a bunch of people are doing it anyways. I tried it but it was too low for playing games with. Got 0.70 download and 0.20 upload speed. It's okay for browsing, but that's not what I need it for. Hopefully it connects faster if I get the $60 mobile broadband plan.