Tethering to a Mac


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Feb 18, 2010
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Can the Droid be tethered to a Mac so I can use it as a modem and send attachments like pdf and doc files? Can I view pdf and doc files on the Droid?
:welcome: to the Droid Forums. I have a Mac also, but I have never had an interest in tethering since I have wifi, but I believe it can be done. You would have to have your phone rooted in order to tether.

As far as pdf and doc files, probably your best bet is Documents to Go. You can get that in the Market.

There are some other apps out there as well for opening these files. Documents to Go cost about 20.00. I think however there may be a sale going on right now so check out the Market. Hopefully somebody else will post about additional apps to open these files.
Thanks for your reply. To clarify, I am trying to make sure the phone can do all I need before I buy. Verizon told me the phone would not tether to a Mach. But since there are times that I would want to upload a file to a client (pdf, doc or jpg) I want to use the phone as a modem. So if the Droid is a wifi device, it sounds like I could connect from my laptop to the phone wirelessly, and not deal with tethering at all. Is that so? Until Apple comes out with the new laptops (hopefully in the next month), I'm running a G4 laptop with OS 10.4.11.

Does it seem that this should work?
you can tether your laptop through wifi if you root your droid... check out the hacks section of the forum for details. Otherwise you can use pdanet to tether over usb or bluetooth.