Tether Comparison and Discussion


Aug 3, 2010
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There are so many forums and discussions that I hope I'm posting this in the right place and it's not a double post.

Thanks to Motocache1, I rooted for the first time after getting the FRG22D OTA yesterday. In the past, I used PDAnet to tether by USB and Bluetooth. Although both worked, I found bluetooth tether to be horrible and unreliable using PDAnet. I used to tether using Bluetooth with my old LG Voyager and had great success, but it didn't work too well with PDAnet. But USB tethering was no problem. Here are my findings on tethering now that I have root and can do wifi tether. I'd like to hear the opinion of others.

I have now installed "Wifi Tether" and "Barnacle" to test. Both are wifi tether programs and free from the marketplace. Speed results (all in Mb/s):

Using PDAnet:
USB: 1.65up and .63 down - Ping time 90ms
Bluetooth: .90up and .6 down - Ping time 120 ms (but very inconsistent)

Barnacle Wifi:
2.14 up and .59 down - Ping time 90ms

Wifi Tether Wifi:
.81 up and .14 down - Ping Time 65 ms

As you can see, I counldn't believe Barnacle was more than 2x faster than Wifi tether. Actually, I had lots of trouble hooking up with "Wifi Tether" and Barnacle worked with no issues. I'm using a Sony TZ series laptop. Something just doesn't make sense.

So I used a friend's Dell laptop and it had no problem hooking up to "Wifi Tether" program. It also hooked up to the Barnacle Wifi as well. Speed results with "Wifi Tether" was now 2.0 up and .49 down! More than double the results of my Sony laptop.

From this I can only assume that my network card in my Sony isn't that compatible with "Wifi Tether". "Wifi Tether" also offers Bluetooth connection, but I was only able to connect once with my Sony using Bluetooth, all other attempts failed. Unfortunately, the Dell I was using didn't have bluetooth, so I couldn't test with that.

On another note, PDAnet uses DUN (Dial Up Networking) for bluetooth connections while "Wifi Tether" uses PAN (Personal Area Network) for a bluetooth connection. So make sure you make the appropriate connection. Initially, I was trying to use DUN with "wifi tether" until I read the full instructions and found it's PAN. You know the old rule, "when all else fails, read the instructions!"

So if you aren't getting great speed or having difficulty connecting using any wifi tether program, try another one. They're not all the same. Some work better with some network cards than others.