Syncing with Google Calendar


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Jun 20, 2010
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Last week I succeeded in loading into Google Calendar a csv file of calendar items from an old organizer, and then syncing with my Droid. However annually repeating events (e.g. birthdays) were not included.

Today, June 29 around lunchtime within Google Calendar (and clearly identified by my gmail address and password) on a computer I added birthdays and set them to appear annually. I confirmed that indeed they appear every year. Then I tried to sync my Droid. It looked as if it was working, but the birthdays did not appear. Then I noticed that on the settings/sync screen, each category (contacts, gmail, calendar) has a date and time, and they are from June 26. I read this to mean that Droid is trying to sync with a calendar file from three days ago, not the one I just updated.

What am I missing? This is all so much more difficult than it ought to be. My wife has already given up and returned her Droid!

Ken Gundry