Sync Google Calendar - Astrid - some calendar widget


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Jul 15, 2010
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I use Google calendar to organize my schedule on my PC. I'm looking for a To-Do List app and calendar widget that can sync with Google calendar so that I can see my schedule/tasks through my droid.

I downloaded Astrid Task ToDo List which is synced with Remember The Milk but I'm not sure how this works with Google Calendar.

Things are getting complicated but my goal is to be able to see my Google calender and tasks through a widget from my droid.

Maybe there are better/simper ways to organizer my schedule/tasks?

Please advise me how to work with those apps there.
Try Pure Calander Widget on the Market. Sounds like it may be what you need. It shows all your calander entries on a widget and if you are running Launcher Pro it will also scroll right on the widget. Not free but if it doesn't fit your needs you can always refund.
I have tried them all and ended up with jorte. Its free its all of the above and workswell, also supports multiple calendars.