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Sep 25, 2010
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Just discovered an app that both saves me quite a bit of money, and encourages you to try and discover new things in your city.


Groupon is a word play off of coupon and "Group On". It's a daily coupon with huge savings (often 50% off, such as today's $20 of food from a certain bar and grill for $10)

It works by the way of collective bargaining. If you like the deal, you purchase it, and if for that particular day enough people also purchase the deal (almost guaranteed) the "Group is On" and you are charged and you get to use your groupon anytime in the next year.

What happens if enough people don't purchase the deal? Well the "Group isn't On" and you are *not* charged for the deal.

The droid app will let you know daily what the Groupon is, and it's rather fun getting a notification of an awesome deal every day.

To sign up through my referral link: Dallas Deals: Coupons on Cheap Things to Do in Dallas | Groupon Deals

If you don't want to use my referral link, feel free to use Dallas Deals: Coupons on Cheap Things to Do in Dallas | Groupon Deals

Enjoy your fantastic deals through your droid! :)


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Jan 24, 2012
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Cool, did not know that Groupon had an app, I suppose most major companies do now though. Groupon is great though especially when they have savings on new restaurants and bars. I have already purchased a few of their coupons and they can be used at a later date if need be so it is totally worth the upfront investment if you know you are definitely going to use it.