Stuck using unrevoked


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Dec 25, 2010
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Hi all, new to the forums

I was looking at the walkthrough for rooting my incredible using unrevoked 3.22
Thread here:

And i came across a few problems. First, when accessing the HBoot screen, I had my phone show "HBOOT USB PLUG" as stated in the guide. The next step asked me to then start m phone normally. And I do not know how to do that unless i remove the battery or something.
Next, the guide says when my phone is plugged in, in device manager i should see this under android: "Android for ADB"

I do in fact see that when my phone is plugged in and in HBoot mode but when its just plugged in it says "ADB" or "Android composite adb interface"
Is this correct?

When I run Unrevoked, nothing happens at all. it just sits there saying waiting for device.

I do not have htc sync installed on this computer nor any of the other programs the guide said to uninstall. I followed the steps word for word but I'm having no luck at all. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it


(specs: HTC incredible: froyo 2.2)