Steep learning curve, or Im getting to old.


Nov 5, 2009
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I recently (very recently) migrated over after many many years on iOS devices to a z5 Fold, and the learning curve is a sharp one but i slowly getting there.
I figured that if I could still have some access to a few things Im so accustomed to it wold help me to muddle my way through this.

Ok so I'm trying to figure out how or if I can access some/all of my iTunes music that I've purchased over the years.

I'm not looking to download my entire library, just hoping to be able to play my purchases on my Fold or stream it to my radio.

I have downloaded Apples Music app to the Fold but I am not this time a Apple Music subscriber .
I've always purchased what I like incase Apple removes it from iTunes.
It seems the app only tries go you you to sign up for Apples music subscription program.

Also... when the device is locked I double tap on the screen to get to the home screen, is there a option to single tap?

And why does the facial recognition sometimes work and other times take me to the pin entry page?

Finally (for now) is there a AppleTv remote that actually works out there?
The few that I tried didn't seem to work, and i'm not looking for anything advanced just the basic functions like you'd get with a. AppleTv remote.

Thank you


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Dec 13, 2011
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I currently have Apple Music installed and running on a subscription so I'm not 100% sure on how to transfer music that I bought or downloaded onto an Android platform unfortunately ..maybe someone else has some thoughts on it... I don't think there are any options for a single tap to wake the phone.. face recognition can be tricky with these phones and currently using a Samsung flip 5 and it works pretty much most of the time but once in awhile it acts up and have to use a pin... If you're seeing a lot of misses with the face recognition might be good to reset it and try to scan a new biometrics face registration..