Status Bar (Black and Stock) update.zips and Stock Launcher2


Dec 16, 2009
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Here are some files that have helped me when going over to custom roms that aren't quite themed like I like. I'm using BBv.3 FROYO (which is AWESOME) and didn't want the battery indicator to show percentage. I also like to switch back and forth between the Black and Stock status bar which these files help with that too.

Just install with clockwork. Tested only on BBv.3 (FRF83) with clockwork but should work on others. These are given as-is, I've used them and they work great for me but I'm not responsible for anything you may do to your phone.

Stock Bar for FRF83/AOPS based deodexed Roms (from frf57 - NOT SIGNED still works with CWR)

The Black notification bar can be found on the HTC Status Bar thread by MotaBoy

Here's the stock Launcher2 that I've been using (compiled by me) most up to date source release. Make sure you install and set the permissions correctly.
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