Start using Facebook Chat! Easy way how...


Mar 22, 2010
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First of all Hello to the Droid Forums! I've been constantly lurking around up til now and have to say I appreciate all the help I've found by looking about. You guys are great helpers.

Well I'm not saying this is a completely new find but I've been waiting for Flash to unlock the full features of Facebook for too long as I'm sure that most of you have as well. So here's a simple way of using the Facebook Chat on your :motdroidhoriz: a bright feature that the :greendroid: Facebook app itself lacks.

The requirement is XScope Browser. This is an outstanding browser app that beats Dolphin out of the water! I suggest you try it.

NOTE: You must only use XScope Browser as it will not work in Dolphin or the regular Browsers.

In XScope, navigate to You should be at the Touch site (by default)

1) Scroll to the bottom and select the Full link.
You are now in the desktop version of Facebook.

2) Scroll around and find your chat bar. Due to the absence of flash this can be a bit buggy and a little tricky to find.

3) Once you have found the chat, 'click' on it to open up the list just as you would on your computer.

4) Your going to hit the Options tab.

5) Click Pop Out Chat.

6) Now save this page to your favorites so you can easily access FB Chat anytime!

See how easy that was? I hope this works for all of you fellow :blackdroid: ers!

Edit: I posted this in the wrong discussion and moved thread to here.
Or Meebo. It's free in the App market and it also has an awesome online version at
I use Meebo, it works for myspace and facebook. But I used to use fbabble on my G1 does anyone know where that went.
Yup, just use Meebo. Ebuddy's okay/works the same, I just think Meebo looks a little better.
Wow haha here I am thinking I found something special. Thanks for the heads up on the Ebuddy and Meebo apps! I think I might just save myself the trouble and use those.
I just tried ebuddy and meebo. ebuddy shows everyone online where meebo doesn't. My wife was logged in to facebook and I was chatting with her on ebuddy but when I switched to meebo she wasn't there. Humm. Any ideas?