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Apr 21, 2010
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Trying it out now, put my SuperTheme1.1b over the install so I hope all goes well this time :), I took out my settings from BB since last time it broke SS. Once all is working ok I'll rethem settings myself last. It should work this way did for last version and also on other roms. Just had to make sure there was no spaces in the filenames and all should install fine for me. I know Once in I'll just have to run Titanium to get all else setup to my liking.

Thanks for yur work ChevyNo1. Boing to try out one of your ULV kernels on it this time. I had no problems with your 1.1 ULV on 4.3 so im going to start there with 4.4.

Rebooting now to see how it went, I'll update after to how it goes or weather I had to change settings or the way I installed things. So far so good looks like it worked great.

Doh I forgot to change the bootanimation to my superman one :) thats a minor fix after though.

Doh I broke something. Getting acore crashed what is that, is it something I can just put the stock file back and fix or do I need to start over then theme one at a time to find which it is causing it ?

Anyone know what it is. Last time withe 4.3 the errors I got were caused by settings from BB, this time im not sure what caused it:(

UPDATE: guess I'll just start over and not put my theme on just to get ss running.
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