Squeaky Seidio Extended Case


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Feb 16, 2010
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I recently got one of the Seidio 2600mah extended batteries and the black innocase to go with it. After putting on the case I noticed that it didn't seat all the way on the back of the phone and that I can press it in a little bit further on the upper right corner of the phone (where the gold camera button is), which makes the case squeak. I find it quite annoying because I put a bit of pressure there when I am typing with the keyboard open. Has anyone else with the extended battery innocase found this to happen to them? I'm thinking about getting a replacement but wanted to find out if it is standard with these cases before I make the effort.

As a side note, has anybody figured out a way to get the innocases to not scratch the phone on the right hand side? As far as function its inconsequential, but I hate to see my new toy already has a scratch from something that is supposed to protect it.
My standard Seidio case squeaks by the Verizon logo/camera button. Originally when I put it on, it fit like a glove. A week after I installed it, the Droid locked up completely and I had to pull the battery. I removed the case in the opposite order of the install instructions minding the weaker parts of the case and after reinstalling the case it's been squeaking since.

I think if the speaker whole were a bit smaller and/or a small lip over the bottom of the phone would solve this issue.

I've been meaning to contact Seidio about what my options are, but when I'm thinking about it and free time just don't coincide for me.
Well... when I contacted them they said they would replace it, so I'm guessing they will replace yours as well. I think I'm gonna get mine replaced. What about the little clip scratching the phone? Anyone have a solution to that or does nobody care?
I've seen a couple of Droids with SEIDO cases and all of them have a squeak , I bet the new one that they will send you also squeaks . I don't care about the squeak , I don't even notice it , a friend told me that his case has a noise . As for the scratch from the slider , I don't care about that either , but I've ordered a case for someone few days ago and got the new version that fits over the Droids that were having problems with larger bezel and the clips are longer and seems to be thinner , it's a tighter fit and it apears that they don't scratch . It still makes a noise .