SoundHound NEEDS to come to Android market.


Dec 26, 2009
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It wipes the floor with the scraps left after the fight of shazaam. It's such an amazing app, can identify songs in four seconds and has an auto start feature which launches the app and immediately starts listening. It does cost a bit, but it's amazingly accurate, can identify by humming or singing into mic, it's awesome! I have it on my iPod touch, but it kinda sucks there cause there's no built in microphone i have to have the headphones plugged in for it to work.
Anyone else care to comment on SoundHound versus Shazaam? I have had great success with Shazaam.
Just looking for some info :)
Well I feel like an idiot now, I just assumed it wouldn't be in the android market yet.
I personally like Midomi better. It's a lot faster, you can hum to ident, it will ident live music, and you can speak search with it.