Sony's 2010 ES line includes 3D and excludes online retailers; Android remote app on


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Jan 27, 2010
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Sony's 2010 ES line includes 3D and excludes online retailers; Android remote app on the way

By Richard Lawler posted Jul 6th 2010 11:27AM

Given the company's focus on 3D this year, it's not at all a surprise to see Sony's 2010 line of ES receivers (and lone Blu-ray player) touched up with a dash of 3D support and HDMI 1.4-compatible features, but it may be a shocker to see their sale restricted to "specialty AV retailers and custom installers."

That means no or other online retailers, but wherever one finds the STR-DA5600ES, STRA-DA4600ES, and STR-DA 3600ES, they'll include IP, RS-232 and IR control support for easy home automation integration, iPhone remote control (Android -- and of course we'd expect Google TV -- version coming soon) as well as working as an Ethernet hub and DLNA streaming device.

At the top of the line the STR-DA5600ES ships in September for $2,000 and is able to automatically calibrate audio for speaker types (like last year's), plus locations and angles, function as a DLNA Live Audio server itself and stream audio and video to other rooms via HDMI (six in, two out) or CAT5e. While the remaining models do a bit less, for a bit less when they all ship in August, the STR-DN2010 is a new model for 2010 at just $800.

As for the Blu-ray player, the BDP-S1700ES ships with 3D movie play back, BRAVIA Internet video and Qriocity streaming WiFi and Gracenote database browser for $400 this August, check for a picture and specs on all after the break.


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Droid does not have a IR Transmitter....Correct?

Nevermind...Was thinking IR remote control.....not via web.....