Sony Is Preparing To Release An E-Paper Watch


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Oct 6, 2011
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Smart watches are great and can be super functional. They save your phones battery life by allowing you to check notifications on your wrist, and are super convenient keeping you from having to take out your phone every few minutes. The only real setback so far has been the inability to see screen especially in sunlight. Sony will be releasing an E-Paper Watch. At first glance this seems to be a step backwards. It won't have any "Smart" functionality, but will instead rely on its sleek and minimal design to attract buyers. If you want something different and unique but don't want what is essentially a small tablet on your wrist this could be the perfect watch for you.
With smart watches it's plug your phone or watch in to charge, trading one for the other only. The eink would probably change the battery life on the watch exponentially, bringing about true battery savings overall.

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Let's see if it will best the pebbles battery life.

I charge mine every Friday night, it's only down to 40%.