Some forum ideas.


Apr 18, 2010
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--Global stickies. The important stickies that houses the forum rules and site related information needs be global. We got plenty of section here and each one seems to have their own stickies, so rules and general information are missed cause people don't visit lets say...the intro section which seems to have the more important stickies.

--A reputation system.

[BP] Oil Spill - -

I'll use this forum I frequent on a regular basis. People found to helpful, posts good posts, a user can hit the add rep button. Its nothing big but a lot of people take it personally when they get rep for being helpful so they continue to do so. After hitting the rep button a member can put in a message saying thanks for the help etc but the users are anonymous. I personally find it rewarding coming back after posting a helpful post to see my rep boosted up by 10 users who found it useful.

--A real FAQ section

The one we have is alright for it is, but theres often something that's discussed A LOT, creating a mess of threads everywhere causing it to be hell when using the search function. Have select members be part of the FAQ section. Like, a detailed FAQ on how to root your droid. There may be a sticky here that says how but it's not a global sticky so a member isn't going to know what section exactly to look in to find out how. If he clicked the faq section and a well written/documented FAQ goes step by step it'll save a lot of people posting "how do I root" threads creating a mess. This goes for other good how to's.

AMD - General - -

Refer to this section. When you visit the AMD section for CPU's it has it's own FAQS created over time. I've found them to be almost priceless as I read through it instead of posting threads asking for the smallest thing, which those FAQS conveniently answered for me.