Some Contacts can't display more than 2 Phone Numbers?


Nov 24, 2009
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I have a few contacts with 3 or 4 phone numbers for the same contact. usually I have the 3 numbers entered in under my contact under these categories:

Blackberry (I selected custom and created this one)

When I select this contact now under contacts, only 2 phone numbers display. But when I hit edit all 3 numbers display normally.

So now I cannot call the 3rd number that does not display when I view the contact normally. I edit the contact, and all 3 display, but It's not like I can call the 3rd number from the edit screen.

However another one of my contacts that I have 3 phone numbers entered under does display all 3 phone numbers correctly.

The only difference I see between them is that the contact displaying all 3, only has these 3 entered, whereas the contact only displaying 2 number also has 2x email addresses entered. I do not know if that makes any difference.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this bug or if there is some setting or something that I can change to make this contact display all 3 numbers, so that I can call all 3 numbers.