So who else getting shafted this xmas?


Nov 25, 2009
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I just had to make my lil rant thread since Ive been spending more time on here and terminal since I got my droid, my r/c forums slow down in winter time. Anyways so am I the only guy getting shafted by the economy this year? As if an accident 2 weeks ago in a tractor trailer 2 weeks ago is not enough (And you cant blame the truck aka me I was cut off) the EMT's lost my wedding band, the towing crew wrecked the rig beyond repair due to their inexperience with towing a rig with two trailers, then no one informs my wif I was involved in a crash unable to reach each other for hours, when we do get in touch she hears my bad news of the wreck with the only good news being Im alive and ok and no one else involved, then comes her bad news her company laying her off as of 12/15 then today 12/14 I am informed that our carriers contract with Macy's is over we were outbid on the contract. Grinch hasnt spared me this year, just glad Ive got my lil kids and the wifey figure I guess and just happy their presents were taken care of before hand. So I say this to all be careful out there this holiday and be grateful for your life and family its the one thing the economy cant take from you.
All I want for XMAS is a decent paying job hehe
I feel ya man. Ive lost about 30K in income this year because of the economy. I have had to change my life completely around to keep the bills paid.

But hang in there. And just remember, we could always be MUCH worse off.
Im hanging on with a thread and duct tape, your right I knew inevitably the economy would take its toll on me and it did all at once. I wouldnt say I was living the life up till the last few weeks things were good enough that everything was paid monthly and every so slowly catching up on the past due things, got my health and the family fortunately I live with the inlaws so I just worry about food andcar payments and finding a job being homeless praise the man above isnt an issue but I do feel bad that I cant help out with the bills this month. Guess Ill be helping the inlaws split more wood n tidy up house and yard and shovel snow.
Heads always up. I got my kids their things and they each ot their kitten they are happy I am happy. What amazes me and I am sure Im not the only one we are gonna spend billions going to afghanistan with tens of thousands of troops putting them at risk for some towelheads (excuse the language) that money better spent on us citizens who are hungry homeless and dying for medical attention. This is not the post 9/11 wars which actually spiked my area of the economy of transportation and was also into aerospace and military contracts with aerospace parts and weapon components. Such a waste I funny thing is I dont blame Obama hes alright but just seems like a noob lol he will learn.