So i am getting it on tuesday!!


Nov 15, 2009
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I broke under pressure.. I ordered one. Recently, I upgraded one of my phones to the Env Touch .. Actually, it was the 30th of October... AND me being completely out of the loop.. did not even KNOW of the droid coming out a mere 6 days later....

FORTIONATLY my sister just broke her phone.. which gave me a .... liable reason to spend 200 dollars and add an EXTRA line which i will never use and uh... Cough cough** give her my env and take the droid (im greedy)

So what is there to look forward too? The ONE question i have...

I live on base, and currently in the barracks, there is no internet.. so i have been using env touch along with a 45 dollar plan a month for 5 gigs of bandwidth.. Now could i actually use my droid along with the 29.99 a month internet package and do the same thing? How about using the wifi and have my laptop connect that way?


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The Droid smartphone plan will give you unlimited data for $30/month. There are problems out there to allow a connection to the laptop (PDANet) which costs $30 for a license. The software pretends to be your phone and uses its internet access but you do run a risk of getting caught as you are skirting their $60/month mobile access plan which caps at 5GB/month of data. If they catch you they can charge you for used data which will add up super fast.

I've seen some people say they got caught downloading 20mb of data and some that never got caught downloading 60GB. Its at risk you run but I would think if you don't abuse it that you would run a low risk of getting caught.