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Nov 8, 2009
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I am having trouble getting outbound e-mail working for my road runner e-mail account. I am able to receive e-mail, but I can't get the device to accept my SMTP settings. The settings are:

SMTP server:
Port: 587

Whether or not I check "Require Sign In" and enter my username/pw, the result is the same.

A google search seems to indicate that this has been an issue for iPhone and Pre users in the past, but none of the proposed fixes for those devices seem to work.

Are there any road runner users that have overcome this issue yet?
I have the same problem. No outbound mail capability. Anyone have ideas or do we need to wait on a software fix?
Seems like RR has spam problems so you MUST be on a road runner IP address to send email from a RR account.

Quote from the AT&T forums:
In order to use RR email, you MUST be connected to a RR IP address. That's just how they work. POP accounts are notorious for having problems with SPAMing, and one way to prevent this is by relay blocking (relaying messages from one POP server to another.)

If you connect with WiFi to a RR router, your email will work. Any other IP address will not allow you to send email.

That was my primary reason for me going with a .Mac account; no problems sending/receiving email from anywhere.

New York, NY

Road Runner Email Problems - Apple - Wireless Forums from AT&T
Guess I'll need to do the forwarding to Gmail to reply until some other work around...

Thanks for the quick info.
I just changed mine and it wouldn't finish the connection. What was the port number originally? Should have written it down befoe I changed it.
Thank you Gisboro. Next time I'll pay more attention before I change stuff ;)
FWIW my server settings are outbound =
no dash between the smtp and server its a dot here. I am using RR perfectly since day one
Yeah, I cannot get this to work I was responding to e-mails only to find they were and are still sitting in my outbox. Hope a solution is found. :icon_ nono2:
Still no dice for me. I was able to send e-mail from the BB so I wonder if RR needs to change a setting to permit certain IP addresses? I've been busy but I plan to contact RR tech support this week. Thanks for the suggestions.
Per a recent (3 minutes ago) RoadRunner online support chat "Verizon has recently stopped relaying of emails through Road Runner server on their network. You can contact Verizon and try using their SMTP server."
Thanks for the quick reply. So RR is saying it's a Verizon issue? Why do I get the feeling we're about to get the runaround?
/start runaround/
/start bs/
Verizon says they're not blocking RoadRunner's smtp server at all. Calling RoadRunner again