SipDroid Issues


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Jan 26, 2010
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I set up SipDroid using sipgate, sipsocery, and Google Voice last night and it was working great. Now today when I try to make a call with SipDroid using a contact from my phone, it automatically dials out using my cell phone network instead of over my wifi with SipDroid. I cannot get SipDroid to complete the call using wifi any longer. Anyone have any ideas why? Wifi is activated on my phone, I'm using the SipDroid app, I see a green dot on my menu bar.

Also, what's the purpose of putting a + at the end of the contact phone number? I read something about this but I don't understand it.

Lastly, how do you dial out using SipDroid? When I tap on the keypad icon to dial out, I get a message that says "Please enter called party address as". I can't seem to get to the keypad.